About us

Seeds of an idea

Design Systems Community Inc. (DSC) was established in Toronto, September 2019 by a group of close colleagues who had worked together on design systems. This started off as an idea to be the first design systems-focused meetup in Toronto. The first DSC meetup took place on October 2nd, 2019.

Building a global community

With back-to-back sellout events, reaching venue capacity, and receiving stellar feedback from our members, we aim to continuously provide great experiences and improve skills for everyone involved.

Our goal is to build a global community where enthusiasts across the world come together to enable sharing and best practices around design systems. This is backed by our values that are in place to make every experience as inclusive, safe, welcoming, and educational as possible.

Shared learnings

Bringing design, product, and technology experiences; Lucy, Varun, and Enrico thrive to do more, learn more, and bring their learnings to others, which led to the foundations of Design Systems Community. We invite you along on this shared journey of design systems thinking to make all experiences, physical or digital, the best they can be.

Meet the team

Varun Jain

Product Strategy &

Lucy List

Design Lead &

Enrico Sacchetti

Technical Lead &

Donna Vitan

Marketing & Social Media Manager